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Upholstery Cleaning

SHAMPOO ? : Not you... Your Car !


Had a Spillage or a bit of an accident in the car ?

You need to do 3 things :

Numbr 1: DON'T PANIC !

Number 2 : Bring your car to WashWorx

Number 3: Relax in our Diner while we fix you car.


Too Easy !


Stain removal.

Most stains can be removed from the vehicles upholstery if treated within 48 hours. Also more ground in stains and long term wear and tear can be fixed with a deep cleansing extraction process.


Upholstery revival.

Using the same deep cleansing extraction techniques your vehicles upholstery can be transformed from old and tired to new and fresh in just a few hours.


Top Tip:

Upholstery treatments are a great way to make your car look like new if your thinking about selling it. Or a great way to make a pre-loved car you just bought feel like new again.


For more information about upholstery cleaning and Stain removals ask one of our onsite team leaders for a quote on your vehicle.


Full set of Seat from $137

Full set Carpets and Mats from $137

Whilst a leather interior in your vehicle is a more practical option when it comes to wear and tear, it will still need maintainence and care to ensure longevity.


Using a gentle deep cleansing technique we can remove most wear and tear marks from your vehicles leather interior and bring it back to a brighter and cleaner look that will help you fall in love with your car again.

Leather Revive Maintainence:

Even though your leather has been through a tanning process to make it look so good it still needs to be feed. With the harsh Australian environment your leather will begin to dry out, Crack and deteriorate over time. By applying a Slipstream leather revive to your cars interior you will protect the leather interior of you vehicle and also extend it's life span.

Discuss what options we have for your vehicle with one of our team leaders in store.


Full set of Seat from $139

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