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What is Paint protection ? In the same way you would proect your skin against harmful UV rays when going into the Sun your vehicle also needs a similar protection.

Does my car need it ? The short answer is YES. Applying Paint Protection to your vehicle will not make your car bullet proof but it will help prolong the quality of the paintwork and protect your vehicle from the harsh eliments it is exposed to every day from the sun and harmful chemicals on the road.

What does it protect against ? Every time you drive your vehicles it is constantly discarding harmfull chemicals onto the road surface through exhaust fumes and tyre wear, as is the car in front of you. Chemicals such as Lead, copper, Zinc, phosphates,  all of which spray up onto the vehicle behind. Over time these chemicals will begin to bind to the clear coat protecting your vehicles beautiful paintwork if left untreated. In time this will cause a dulling effect to your paintwork and if left untreated will cause the clear coat and paintwork oxidise and even peel leaving you with a very sorry looking vehicle.

Do I need to Protect my Car if it's new ? This is the best time to protect your car. If the dealship where you purchased your vehicle hasn't already applied a Paint protection package to your vehicle or you would like a second opinion, pop on down and ask us about which protection package is best for you.

If I wash my car regularly will I lose my paint Protection ? No, as long as you use PH neutral products and clean water, the paint protection applied on your vehicle will last for many years.

Does it protect against Bird and Bat Droppings ? Paint Protections will help slow down the damaging process of harmful chemicals in Bird and Bat droppings but eventually they will eat through most surfaces if left untreated. It is recommended you remove any animal mess from your vehicles within 24 hours to avoid long term damage to your paintwork. 

Is it expensive ? Paint protections start from as little as $75.00 including Hand Wash. But with a wide range of options it is worth asking one of our detail technicians for advise and a free quote for your vehicle.


Paint Protection

What is Toughseal ?

A 2-part process that gives all paintwork a diamond-hard shine and offers protection from most harmful elements including ultra violet rays, fading, acid rain, peeling, frost, tree sap, insect acid, bird droppings, oxidation (chalking), petrol and diesel fumes and the protective effects of Toughseal are actually enhanced by the sun. The high gloss Toughseal finish simply washes back time and time again.


When paint cures, entrapped solvents evaporate from the base layer up through the paint. When this occurs sediment is left in the paint’s pores. All painted surfaces are exposed to a certain amount of sulphuric and nitric acids from the atmosphere. These cling to the paint in the forms of oxides. Toughseal’s scientifically developed Pre-Treatment Step 1 enters the pores of the painted surface and effectively removes all foreign impurities. This now allows Toughseal’s Acrylic plus P.T.F.E. Sealant Step 2 to bond chemically to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the now highly polished surface. As the treated surface cures, the P.T.F.E molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in tough bonded protective coating to the paint.


It is preferable to apply Toughseal as soon as possible after purchasing your vehicle. The better the painted surface, the better the results Toughseal will provide. Your car is a very valuable asset, you want to preserve the value of your motor vehicle.

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