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Damaged vinyl and leather interiors will now be a thing of the past after using Toughseal’s silicone free Vinyl & Leather Protectant. Toughseal prevents cracking and fading caused by harmful ultra violet light. Protects and maintains all vinyl and leather interiors.


Treats synthetic fabrics including nylon, polyester, acrylic and their blends with natural cellulosic fibres. Toughseal’s unique Fabric Protector formula adheres to every fibre of the materials used for upholstery and carpets, protecting against oil and water-based spills. Liquid simply ‘bead up’ on the surface of your upholstery making it simple to wipe away without leaving stains or dulling fabrics. Toughseal also reduces wear on fabrics and carpets by eliminating friction from trapped dirt particles between fibres.

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